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Features of the conclusion of agreements on the assignment of rights
According to the general theory of civil law, the subjects of the obligation are the authorized person (creditor) and the obligated party (debtor). The creditor is a person authorized to…

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The principle of applying “tacit consent”
Today, more than ever, our state needs to attract foreign investment, primarily in infrastructure projects, which is the key to economic growth and the state's recovery from the crisis. Weekly,…

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Autumn Changes to the Tax Code
On 5.10.2016, the Government approved the draft amendments to the Tax Code developed by the Ministry of Finance (hereinafter - the Ministry of Finance). Before the document was submitted to…

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The business reputation of bank managers as a tool to minimize risks

The publication explores the issues of determining the business reputation of bank managers and its legislative regulation. Criteria of the impeccable business reputation of bank managers are considered. The influence of business reputation on minimizing some risks to the armbands associated with banking activities has been established.

The development of banking in Ukraine, the emergence of new banking services and products, in addition to positive changes, increases the number of banking risks and their rapid spread. In this regard, special attention is paid to minimizing emerging banking risks. The impeccable business reputation of bank leaders has become one of the most effective tools to minimize non-financial banking risks. Continue reading

Organization of teamwork in the legal business

Legal business is a combination of skill and managerial decisions of a managing partner, aimed at achieving the goal of a law firm. This business is characterized, in particular, by large volumes of information and routine administrative work; the need for special knowledge for business management; the gap between new practices that require a lot of effort for development, and old, already established practices that have been established; specifics of customer relations. Continue reading

Banking of the future: shouldn’t banking?

“I fully admit that in five years our refrigerator connected to the Internet will be able to order products for the owners on its own, and the vacuum cleaner will be able to order a self-cleaning filter” (Oleg Malkin, Chairman of the Management Board, Pervy Investitsionny Bank Bank (PINbank).

On December 5, 2014, students and teachers of the Academy had a happy opportunity to listen to a business lecture by Oleg Malkin, Chairman of the Board of PJSC First Investment Bank (PINbank), in the crowded large conference room of the Scientific Library of the NBU. It was organized on the initiative of Olga Afanasyeva, Senior Lecturer, Department of International Economics. The event opened and. about. Rector of the Academy, Professor S.M. Kozmenko: Continue reading

Customer Service: How to Maintain Loyalty

Customer Service: How to Maintain Loyalty
Lawyers’ loyalty to client problems By conducting analytical work to collect information and conduct business training, employees of the Moscow City Collegium of Lawyers Pravex, which provide arbitration services, subscription customer services and others, argue that if you ask lawyers, they actually provide high-quality services and serve their customers “perfectly”, they will always answer: “Of course”, because they are sure that they serve each of their customers better. But when you talk with clients and ask them to give an assessment to the work of the lawyers who serve them, most of them rate the service at three points. Continue reading

How to sue the recovery of alimony from her ex-husband?

This article talks about alimony: what it is, how much a person should pay for his child, and what to do, even if these meager amounts are not paid.

Having extensive experience in resolving family disputes and providing advice on divorce proceedings, lawyers and lawyers know that those of their spouses who receive or are entitled to receive child support do not know about the features payout of this content. The second side often takes advantage of this. In the end, it turns out that if alimony is paid, then in a much smaller amount than it could be. Consequently, the child and the spouse with whom he lives simply do not receive legal funds. Continue reading

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The role of human resources in the training of enterprise personnel
In accordance with Art. 65 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the protection of the Fatherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine is the duty of citizens of Ukraine. From the…


How can young lawyers come to the attention of the leaders of the legal market?
Nowadays, for success in any field it is not enough just to be a professional and to carry out your work efficiently. Lawyers need to be able to demonstrate their…


Beginning of currency control during export operations
The issues of exercising currency control on import and export operations of residents is regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On the Procedure for Settlements in Foreign Currency" dated September…


New rules for obtaining information from the State Register of Rights
The legal regulation regarding the real estate sector has undergone dramatic changes over the past two years. The abovementioned began to create a new system for registering rights to real…