Order proceedings on the application of procedural novelty by commercial courts
Order production is an institution that appeared in the economic process after the entry into force of the new edition of the Economic Procedural Code of Ukraine on December 15,…

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On issues of increasing the limitation period in civil proceedings
Professional lawyers of the Verdict consulting company from the city of Kharkov, based on their own practice, argue that in modern realities of life there is no country in which…

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Justification of a suspected criminal offense
The adoption of the new Code of Criminal Procedure of Ukraine in 2012 marked the beginning of a new milestone in the development of national criminal justice. A number of…

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change is due to the need

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The business reputation of bank managers as a tool to minimize risks

The publication explores the issues of determining the business reputation of bank managers and its legislative regulation. Criteria of the impeccable business reputation of bank managers are considered. The influence of business reputation on minimizing some risks to the armbands associated with banking activities has been established.

The development of banking in Ukraine, the emergence of new banking services and products, in addition to positive changes, increases the number of banking risks and their rapid spread. In this regard, special attention is paid to minimizing emerging banking risks. The impeccable business reputation of bank leaders has become one of the most effective tools to minimize non-financial banking risks. Continue reading

Banking of the future: shouldn’t banking?

“I fully admit that in five years our refrigerator connected to the Internet will be able to order products for the owners on its own, and the vacuum cleaner will be able to order a self-cleaning filter” (Oleg Malkin, Chairman of the Management Board, Pervy Investitsionny Bank Bank (PINbank).

On December 5, 2014, students and teachers of the Academy had a happy opportunity to listen to a business lecture by Oleg Malkin, Chairman of the Board of PJSC First Investment Bank (PINbank), in the crowded large conference room of the Scientific Library of the NBU. It was organized on the initiative of Olga Afanasyeva, Senior Lecturer, Department of International Economics. The event opened and. about. Rector of the Academy, Professor S.M. Kozmenko: Continue reading

Some aspects of the acquisition of property rights to ownerless real estate

Issues of acquiring ownership of unowned real estate were and remain relevant today.

According to the lawyers of Nizhny Novgorod, the relevance of the topic under discussion is confirmed not only by the numerical number of questions on the procedure for recognizing an immovable property as ownerless, but also, for example, the lack of understanding of the very concept of an ownerless thing, the lack of streamlined and systematic interaction between bodies that carry out state registration of rights to real estate property and local governments. The analysis of problematic issues related to the registration of ownerless real estate indicates the need for additional discussion of the legislation governing relations in the relevant field. Continue reading

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Investor funds are taxable only once
Joint investment institutions have taken their place in the CIS market as an effective tool for financing housing, operations with loan portfolios and other investment projects. An important role in…


Provocation of a bribe as a circumstance excluding a corpus delicti
The Criminal Code of Ukraine does not contain separate provisions on the specifics of the criminal liability of the recipient of undue gain (bribe), in the event of provocation of…


The role of human resources in the training of enterprise personnel
In accordance with Art. 65 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the protection of the Fatherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine is the duty of citizens of Ukraine. From the…