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Risks of assessing civil contracts as labor relations
After the introduction in our country of financial responsibility for violation of labor legislation, the vesting of state authorities and local self-government with significant powers in the process of monitoring…

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What is the difference between a lawyer and a lawyer?
Practice shows that people often do not know whose help they need: a lawyer or a lawyer. We took this into account and decided to explain to you how the…

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Settlement operations registrars (PPOs) - one step closer to the EU
We are so afraid of changes, we are always looking only for the negative and the arguments “against”, if only to remain in our usual “comfort zone”. The simultaneous desire…

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Guarantees for protecting the rights of consumers of banking services in the EU countries

The article analyzes the main types of guarantees for the protection of the rights of consumers of banking services established by the law of the European Union. The general characteristics of guarantees for protecting the rights of bank customers are given, and the main changes associated with overcoming the consequences of the crisis of the EU banking system in 2008-2009 are indicated.

Specialists of Businessjuice.Ru, specializing in the analysis of existing business processes in the market for various types of goods and offers, as well as the organization of trainings and HR services for businesses, will tell in this publication about the main issues of protecting the guarantees of the rights of consumers of banking services. Continue reading

How to open your own business without communicating with an official?

At the end of November 2018, the parliament radically updated the legislative framework for the registration of entrepreneurs and companies. The new legislation combines diverse initiatives: both those that have already successfully proven themselves in practice, and innovations, such as, for example, a simplified procedure for the official liquidation of LLCs, other forms of education of business entities that the business environment has long needed.

New trends in the advertising market and the positioning of their services, including on the Internet, require the presence of company information in social networks such as VKontakte, Facebook and so on. So that at the initial stage of its development, the group of lice on VKontakte looks very solid, it makes sense to attract a significant number of subscribers. Continue reading

The principle of applying “tacit consent”

Today, more than ever, our state needs to attract foreign investment, primarily in infrastructure projects, which is the key to economic growth and the state’s recovery from the crisis. Weekly, domestic top officials participate in economic forums and round tables at both the national and international levels, at which they in every way assure potential investors of the enormous attractiveness of Russia and the creation of the most favorable investment climate. The national path to the economic miracle and the title of “East European Economic Tiger” promises to be long and difficult, but there is hope for positive and systemic shifts in the near future. Continue reading

What to look for when concluding supply contracts

The conclusion of a contract for the supply of goods is a crucial moment for business entities. Experts in the legal department of the company Bashtehsnab.Ru, which specializes in fuel supplies, will tell about what nuances should be taken into account when drafting this type of agreement.

In the subject of the supply contract, it is desirable to provide a specific name, quantity, price and total cost of the goods. If the assortment of goods is large, or there are several deliveries, it is necessary to provide that it is not delivered according to the specification. Continue reading

Legal protection of the rights of participants in corporate conflicts

Frequent corporate conflicts and insecurity of the rights of participants in business entities led to the beginning of changes in corporate law. In 2018, amendments to the Federal Law “On Limited Liability Companies” entered into force. In this publication, the specialists of the Aegis law company, which provide services in the field of legal protection of business from the negative consequences of sudden tax audits and resolving internal corporate conflicts, will talk about the innovations that have been enacted by amendments to this law. Continue reading

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New rules for obtaining information from the State Register of Rights
The legal regulation regarding the real estate sector has undergone dramatic changes over the past two years. The abovementioned began to create a new system for registering rights to real…


The role of human resources in the training of enterprise personnel
In accordance with Art. 65 of the Constitution of Ukraine, the protection of the Fatherland, independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine is the duty of citizens of Ukraine. From the…


Investor funds are taxable only once
Joint investment institutions have taken their place in the CIS market as an effective tool for financing housing, operations with loan portfolios and other investment projects. An important role in…


On issues of increasing the limitation period in civil proceedings
Professional lawyers of the Verdict consulting company from the city of Kharkov, based on their own practice, argue that in modern realities of life there is no country in which…