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Settlement operations registrars (PPOs) – one step closer to the EU

We are so afraid of changes, we are always looking only for the negative and the arguments “against”, if only to remain in our usual “comfort zone”. The simultaneous desire for change and the fear that they will happen is an internal contradiction that is inherent in almost all of us. However, changing is moving forward.

And so, you decided to open your own business, contacted the law firm TOV KIEV and, with the help of lawyers, registered the PP. Now a very important issue is to determine the form and types of entrepreneurial activity, which will also help experienced professionals to understand.

Business also does not stand still: introducing the best business models, expanding the market for products, researching effective ways to increase revenue, optimizing taxation. Day after day, entrepreneurs are getting closer to a new life. And each date is a new day with new goals and opportunities.

Perhaps, on July 1, 2015, in someone this date is associated with something personal, personal. And in the singers of group III, it is associated with the entry into force of the norm of Law No. 71-VIII on the need for the use of settlement operations registrars.

Talk about the use of PPO has been going on for several years. In addition, the introduction of the mandatory use of cash registers is one of the requirements of the Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policy, signed in March 2015. The President of Ukraine and the Government of Ukraine with the IMF.

Recall, according to the amendments to the Tax Code adopted on the eve of the New Year, from July 1, 2015, payers of the single tax of group III are obliged to switch to the settlement transaction registrars. That is, the singers remain a little less than a month to:

analyze your business processes and decide: what type of PPO will correspond to them (perhaps one cash register will not even cost)
choose the necessary model from the State Register of Registrars;
conclude an agreement with the Service Center, install, configure and in the future will serve the PPO;
start issuing checks to your customers.
There is still enough time for the singers of group II: as much as six months to resolve this issue. In addition, they can, with the introduction of PPO, take into account the experience of their predecessors: group III singers.

A survey of entrepreneurs showed that most of them are not opposed to the introduction of PPO, but are still worried. And not because they do not want to do business legally. Many associates, referring to the value of the cash register and its further after-sales service, consider this requirement financially unbearable.

However, the real reason for the concern of entrepreneurs is commonplace – this is the lack of trust in the state. Unfortunately, despite the fact that in recent years, society has already changed, but in many ways it, as before, thinks in old categories. And in such conditions, any top-down initiatives are perceived as hostile, no matter how useful they may be ..

Few entrepreneurs think about the prospects for business development, which opens the use of cash registers. Fortunately, in Ukraine there are organizations that understand the importance of proper communication between the state and entrepreneurs. In order for entrepreneurs to get all the answers to the questions on the cash register, I recommend visiting the First All-Ukrainian Forum “The Future of Cash Circulation in Ukraine” on June 22. The organizers, by the way, made this event free to attend. In my opinion, this is a unique platform, because on its basis, entrepreneurs can engage in dialogue with regulatory authorities and get a lot of useful advice from major retailers.

And we live in a world where the familiar “I trust you or not” does not work. In today’s economic conditions, the state has an urgent need to track both cash and non-cash cash flows. And the only real control is the use of a settlement transactions recorder.

Of course, the process of transition to new business conditions goes side by side with some inconveniences (for example, it is necessary to master new technologies). However, in the future, entrepreneurs will be freed from a pile of paper tapes and reports, which, without a doubt, will positively affect the development of their business.

One cannot but share the optimism of those who believe that the introduction of an electronic control tape will lead to a decrease in the volume of “shadow” operations. Although it is not a fact that the main problem of the “shadow” economy lies in the area of ​​reporting by users of cash registers. Maybe it’s concentrated just in the permission not to use the cash register at all …. Or maybe it’s just the time of justice: “either all or nobody”.

The fiscals themselves explain this “expansion of the cash register coverage area” by the introduction of an additional excise tax on certain groups of retail goods and the desire to better control the cash receipts to the budget. And without effective control over cash turnover in wholesale and retail trade, get the funds needed by the state treasury.

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